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 The House With The Six Legs by Enid Byton  Little Men : Retold from the Louisa May Alcott original

 Nat Blake thinks the boys at plumfield seem more like a big family than   a group of school children. Nat is recently orphaned when he first arrives at the large house with its big, old fashioned porch. He soon improves with good meals and kindness from everyone in the house. He joins the boys in their lessons, chores, fun, and of course, mischief! But when two other newcomers enter Plumfield, life at the school changes...... 

10-14 years All
     Mathemagic : Childcraft Publications

 The story of how counting began, A collection of puzzles, games and things to do, Use mathematics to make up your own secret codes, The facinating stories behind the way we measure, weigh and chart things

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