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Welcome to the world called TailorBird, where fun meets learning and magic remains for a lifetime. A great children’s library and learning concept centre that is perfect to let your kids unravel the marvelous mystery of books and fun activities in the most exciting ways possible.

Specifically only for children in the age group 0 – 14 years, TailorBird welcomes older folks who are ‘a child at heart’ too!

Enroll your child for an adventure that is limited only by imagination that goes on to become an unforgettable aspect of his/her childhood that promises hours of joy and an unfair advantage for academic and lifelong success.
It’s not about reading.. It is an adventure....

Everything about Tailor Bird has been planned to make reading fun and group activity enjoyable. Set in a roomy 2000sft, the premises offer a wonderful and relaxed environment where young minds can discover and share a lot more.

· Books
The most comprehensive range of reading material from Fairy tales to Fantastic adventures, classics to comics, Easy reading to Encyclopedias, Mystery to Magic, Horror to Humour and much more make up the extensive collection of TailorBird.

· Multimedia
If your child wants a break from reading and would rather be entertained, let him/her choose from a variety of media titles, that are checked for age and content appropriateness – from Disney movies to Discovery Channel titles, Hollywood to Mythological titles etc. Educational titles to make learning fun are a plus.

· Toys, Puzzles & Science Kits
Here’s a way to gift your child a new toy, literally every day. Our collection of puzzles, toys and science kits would keep them happy and your purses heavy too.

Our Learning Centre offers....
Yet another exciting dimension of the fascination that is TailorBird are its fun clubs – Reading Club, Science Club, Chess Club, Worldly Wise Club, Creative Writing, Theatre etc. Your child can choose the club that excite him/her the most and bond harmoniously without feeling peer pressure. This sets the foundation for young personalities to bloom into confident adults.

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