Once upon a time


 Welcome to the Story Hour @ TailorBird , Every Wednesday @ 5:00 p.m.


Story telling is an art; even an adult would listen enthralled to a well-told story. It has the power to transform education into an exciting experience. It kindles a spirit of enquiry in the child, elicits more involvement from the children along with an increase in level of attention in the class.

The concepts are better understood when they are presented in the form of a story. In essence, story telling is an art of communicating in a very subtle way, values and life skills cutting across barriers of age, culture, while reviving the joy in learning.

At TailorBird, we sincerely believe that stories are everywhere, inside everyone, waiting to be told. We conduct Story sessions every week. Also, theme based story sessions are held, every holiday season.


Be transported to the wonderful world where animals talk, fairies wave their wands and wicked get punished and all good folks live happily ever after…..





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