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Science and math programmes are activity based workshops conducted throughout the year. The objective of this program is to make learning science and math fun; to give children the freedom to explore, experiment and discover the fascinating world of numbers and scientific concepts.

During these workshops, children learn to observe, investigate, infer, understand, predict and create. Activities are conducted from scientific magic tricks to make and play with science toys.

In the science workshops,each child receives a tool kit, an activity book and associated material to create a science model. What is interesting is that they get to keep the working model for learning / demonstrative purposes. It helps the child to understand the concept very clearly and retain it.

Math Magic program includes e-Math – learning Math using E-Blocks for younger ones and 10 on 10 math program for older ones that teaches math using magic of cartoons.

Tailorbird conducts the science and math workshops using professionals and in association with professional organizations.

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