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Introduce your child to the EEA Club, where learning to read is made fun..... 


To teach children the right way to read English, Tailorbird conducts the EEA program. It is ‘After-School fun language program’ for children in age group 3-10 years, designed to make reading fun. Especially when you need your child to understand phonetics the right way, to make him/her interested in reading, EEA is the right answer.

EEA is developed based on scientific knowledge in the fields of linguistics and cognitive science. It encourages children to use multiple senses simultaneously, promotes co-operative learning and makes use of a well established pedagogical principle in the field of education called ‘learning by doing.’ With the help of visual, auditory and kinesthetic stimuli, children are introduced to letters, words and sentences.

The EEA program helps in developing the right phonetic, speaking and writing skills. The content for each level is customized based on age group (beginners, middles and advanced) with specific learning outcomes. Periodic assessments ensure that the learning outcome is measurable and tangible. Flexible weekday and weekend batches are available, for ease of choice.






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