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 If you thought Tailorbird is all about books and DVDs, then you are here for a surprise.. 

The library has a wide collection of toys and games to play as well as borrow. TailorBird's collection of toys include fun toys for younger age groups from brands known for their quality and child safety and puzzles and games for older ones:  

          Creative wooden puzzles  that tickle a child's mind for that sense of achievement

          Open ended toys that allow children to create and design a child's own architectural work or games of possibilities that develop thinking, creativity and visual skills

           Traditional games like Adu puli Atta, Bugri etc

          Science & Math games to ensure that class room learning is reinforced in a fun manner

           Bright coloured and safe to engage and educate the ever-exploring one 

           A chance to make new friends in the toys room to share and play

 We conduct interesting sessions on traditional games like Bugri, Adu Puli Aata etc..





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